10 - Primary Coffee Tastes (6- Sixth Final Part)

10 - Primary Coffee Tastes (6- Sixth Final Part)

10 A -  Crust
The layer of saturated coffee grounds that floats to the surface during cupping coffee. As part of the traditional coffee cupping method, the grounds are agitated to release trapped vapors and the unique characteristics of the coffee. The crust must be removed with a spoon before tasting the brewed coffee.  

10 B -   Earthy
Earthy notes which is the aroma characteristic of (fresh earth, raw potatoes or wet soil) may not necessarily be a negative characteristic. Earthiness may be caused by molds during the processing of harvested coffee cherries.

10 C  - Flat
Lacking flavor and aroma.  
Very mild floral aromas are found in some coffees and are generally perceived along with fruity or herbal notes.  The scent of flowers including jasmine, dandelion and nettles.

10 D  -   Fruity
Many coffees have fruity notes, the aroma and taste of fruit which is in every coffee cherry, is responsible for coffee’s acidity, or wine-like brightness and is often related to fruit, or citrus.

10 E  -  Full
A gourmet coffee that excels in the major characteristics of body, acidity, and flavor; strong character.

10 F  -  Grassy
Under-roasted coffee beans have aroma grassy aroma which are associated with freshly mowed green grass, herbs, green beans, and unripe fruit.

10 G  -   Harsh
Pungent and disagreeable, such as a very low quality bitter Robusta.  
An unpleasant bitter or offensive taste in coffee often compared to raw weeds—generally undesirable though some people prefer a hint of it in a blend. Most common in low quality Robusta coffees.

10 H  -  Herbal
An aroma associated with dried herbs, grass, freshly mowed lawn, green grass, perhaps dry beans, and unripe fruit. An herbal aroma is also called green, grassy, or herby.   

10 I -  Instant taste
Freeze dried instant coffee, has a distinct taste characteristic of burned wood. Many find the taste of instant coffee objectionable. "Instant" coffee is normally a coffee that has already been and is dried (usually through freezing) into a dehydrated state.

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